Eve Olive features locally sourced and organic ingredients when possible, and offer dishes from various cultural influences, using 100% plant-based ingredients, delivering savoury tastes and artistic presentation. Vino:  We will carry a selection of vegan wines, primarily from local wineries. (full wine and cocktail list in house) Martinis: Cocktails: $7-$13 Beers:  Local Draft Sleeves: $6.5- $7.5 ($4 with a burger on Sundays!) Featured Share Plate: Plant-Based Cheese Platter with three different kinds of locally made, plant-based cheese such as:  Cashew based, lemon chevre;  coconut based, dill infused brie; or olive based limburger; with olives and crackers and a local, seasonal garnish.  $11 per person, minimum 2 people                            
Sweet Potato Ravioli: with cheesy, cashew cream sauce, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Tapa Size: $13.5 Entree Size: $29
Gluten-free Penne Alfredo: with cheesy cashew cream sauce, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil (gluten free, dairy free) Tapa Size: $12 Entree Size: $23  
Pizza: 3 options: Hawaiian Pizza, Tomato Mozza Basil Pizza (with cherry tomatoes and bell peppers), or Greek Pizza with house-made feta, cherry tomatoes, red onion and green olives, thin crust Tapa Size: $12 Entree Size: $21  
Greek Goddess Plate: Hummus, greek salad, lemon roasted potatoes Entree Size: larger and with chickenless skewer or oyster mushroom kalamari (gluten-free without pita) Tapa Size: $13 Entree Size: $25  
Cashew Coconut Curry: Thai inspired, with roasted cashew nuts, tofu, onion, peppers, bamboo shoots and green beans, a mildly spicy coconut curry sauce over linguini rice noodles. (gluten-free)   Tapa Size: $11 Entree Size: $21  
Tom Yum Hot Pot: Tomato based mildly spicy broth with green beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, onion, tofu and linguini rice noodles, garnished with fresh herbs  (gluten-free) Tapa Size: $11 Entree Size: $20  
Cheese Platter Cheese Platter with three types of plant-based, locally sourced cheese, with crackers, olives, and local, seasonal garnish. Pair with a glass of local Ortega, Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris $11 per person, minimum 2 people
Salads: Caesar Salad Crispy romaine and kale caesar salad, topped with crispy, house-made croutons and capers     Tapa Size: $10 Entree Size: $18
Vietnamese Salad Over Vermicelli Rice Noodles: Fresh Greens, peppers, cabbage and cucumbers over vermicelli rice noodles with home-made sesame hoisin sauce, sprouts and vinaigrette, topped with fresh herbs and roasted sesame seeds (gluten-free)   Tapa Size: $11 Entree Size: $19
Greek Salad Green and yellow peppers, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, greek olives, vegan feta, olive oil and basil vinagrette (gluten-free)     Tapa Size: $10 Entree Size: $18
Beyond Meat Burger or Very Good Butcher's with tomato, lettuce, onion, mayo, dijon, served with potato wedges or caesar salad, option to add cheddar.                            Entree Size Only: $17
Oyster Mushroom Kalamari - Oyster Mushrooms beer battered, deep fried, and served with house-made tzatziki or Tapa only: $12
NEW Crispy Chipotle Cauliflower Bites, with ranch and celery. Tapa only $12
Ice Cream:  Salted Caramel, Cashew Based Ice-Cream, topped with Local Distillery Vanilla Liqueur (soy free, gluten-free) $8
Decadent Lemon Tart Pie: Fresh Squeezed lemon and coconut butter filling with a pecan and date crust, infused with special ingredients. (gluten free) $10
Lime Cheese Cake - with berry garnish (soy free, gluten-free) $10
More on vegan restaurant menu coming soon, All vegan tapas, vegan entrees, vegan wines, beers and cocktails with many gluten-free options!